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Furcation Assembly Installation instructions
MIL-STD-2042B  (draft dtd 2/19/00) Standard Practice
MIL-STD-2042-1B (draft dtd 2/19/00) Part 1 Cables
MIL-STD-2042-2B (draft dtd 2/19/00) Part 2 Equipment (Note: Furcation installation)
MIL-STD-2042-3B (draft dtd 2/19/00) Part 3 Cable Penetrations
MIL-STD-2042-4B (draft dtd 2/19/00) Part 4 Cableways
MIL-STD-2042-5B (draft dtd 2/19/00) Part 5 Connectors and Interconnections
MIL-STD-2042-6B (draft dtd 2/19/00) Part 6 Tests
MIL-STD-2042-7B (draft dtd 2/19/00) Part 7 Pierside Connectivity Cable Assemblies and Interconnection Hardware
MIL-PRF-85045 Cables, Fiber Optics, (Metric), General Specification For
Revision: F, Dated: 8/12/99
File name: prf85045.pdf, File size: 360 kb 
DOD-C-85045/2B Cables, Fiber Optics, One, Two, Four, and Six Fiber, Heavy Duty (Metric)
Dated: 3/20/87
File name: mil85045ss2.pdf, File size: 192 kb 
DOD-C-85045/9 Amendment 1 Cables, Fiber Optics, Break Out, Individually Jacketed Fibers (Metric)
Dated: 9/13/90
File name: mil85045ss9am1.pdf, File size: 33 kb 
MIL-PRF-85045/13C  Cable, Fiber Optic, Eight Fibers, Cable Configuration Type 2 (OFCC), Application B
(Shipboard), Cable Class SM and MM, (Metric)
Dated: 9/16/99
File name: prf85045ss13.pdf, File size: 42 kb 
MIL-PRF-85045/14C  Cable, Fiber Optic, One Fiber, Cable Configuration Type 1 (Buffered Fiber), Loose
Tube, Cable Class SM and MM, (Metric)
Dated: 9/16/99
File name: prf85045ss14.pdf, File size: 25 kb 



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