7 Tube Bundle Test Manifold


Pressure and Clearance Test Manifold

By connecting the bundle tubes so the tube numbers are sequentially in order i.e. tube 1 is connected to the push-fit affixed to to the entry tube, on the other end, tube 1 is connected to feed tube 2, and so on up to tube 7. Once connected in this configuration, all seven tubes may be checked for pressure integrity and path clearance. 

Pressure integrity may be validated by placing an end cap on either the entry or exit tube and then pressurizing the system from the other entry or exit tube.  
Path clearance may be verified by inserting the test BB in the entry tube and then blowing it through to the other end.  The manifold is designed to allow passage of up to a 5mm BB for commercial tube plant testing (Mil tube plant test requirement is 4mm).

If more than one bundle is being tested at the same time, the manifold exit tube on the first bundle may be daisy chained to the entry tube on the manifold for the next bundle. In this manner numerous tube bundles may be easily tested simultaneously.


Description Part # Price
Manifold, 7 Tube  TM07 $140 (pair)
Manifold, 19 Tube  TM19